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Primary Tennis CPD

we have an exciting opportunity to attend a face to face LTA Youth Schools Primary Tennis Teacher Training course at Roe Farm Primary School on Friday 26th May, 9.30 till 11.30.    



  1. Register to the LTA Youth Schools Website here
  2. Register for the course here

*these 2 steps must be completed to confirm your place and to access the resources needed for the course.


Prior to the face to face training, you can complete the online course in your LTA Youth Schools log in area as we know from feedback teachers have said that this was really beneficial before the course. All teachers who complete the free teacher training course will receive a resource pack and a £250 voucher (limited to one per school) to spend on equipment to stock up the equipment cupboard ahead of the summer term or benefit from 10 hours of curriculum time coaching from an LTA Accredited Coach. More information can be found on the LTA Youth Schools website here.


LTA Youth Schools is a FREE cross-curricular tennis programme for schools. Created by teachers for teachers, the programme brings in great benefits such as:

👍 Free Face to face and /or  online teacher training course including a £250 reward voucher

👍 Free resource pack including ring bound lesson ideas, stickers, certificates and more!

👍 PE lesson plans with accompanying videos

👍 Personal development aids

👍 Competition tools

👍 Cross curricular resources


There are no bookable dates for this event at this time

You will be prompted about the participant(s) who will be attending the course so please have this information ready.