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Holiday Activity and Food

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In the New Year we're running free to access sessions at Moorways Sports Village, Derby Arboretum, and Da Vinci Academy. 

The sessions are open to children on benefits-related free school meals and provides them the opportunity to take part in holiday sessions for free. This helps keep these children active, included and provides them with a healthy meal while they are away from school.

December 2023

Rykneld Sports Centre, 23rd December, 9am-3pm

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January 2023

Moorways Sports Village, 3rd-6th January, 10am-2pm

Derby Arboretum, 3rd-6th January, 12-4pm

Da Vinci Academy, 3rd-6th January, 10am-2pm

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Rykneld Sports Centre 3rd January, 9am-3pm

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