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Toby's story

Toby in a Live It session at DCCT
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A massive congratulations to Toby, who has completed the full 12 months of our Live It programme. And what a year it’s been for him!

This programme supports children and families to lead healthier and happier lifestyles, by building confidence and self-esteem.

When he first joined us, Toby aged 13, wasn’t confident and found it difficult to engage with others in a social capacity.

Due to his inherited condition Multiple Epiphyseal Dysplasia, Toby was also finding it difficult to keep active. His condition causes problems in how the cartilage and bones around his joints grow. This can cause constant pain particularly during activity. He is encouraged to use a wheelchair during the school day to limit his pain in the evenings, in turn, allowing him to participate in more activities during the evenings and weekends.

Staff at DCCT were aware of Toby’s situation and were able to adapt sessions, to make them suitable and safe. Toby said, ‘’They’ve been supportive and patient. I haven’t been exactly on-board all the way through, so I can’t even put it into words how helpful they have been.’’

Toby’s mum also noticed how much of a difference staff were having on Toby’s progress, saying: ‘’The staff learn from what he needs. He doesn’t have to do hydrotherapy now because he’s here. He’s just more confident all-round.’’

Live It sessions include fun and uplifting activities, which Toby was able to focus his energy in. This allowed him to take his mind off his condition and pain. This was a welcome distraction for Toby’s mum, who said; ‘’His pain tolerance has changed since he joined this programme. He can join in now. That’s the difference between this and doing the standard PE at school. It’s more enjoyable which helps him cope better with that pain.’’

As well as the fitness, Toby has benefited from personal skills that he’s been able to carry into all aspects of his life. ‘’I socialise more with the other guys compared to when I first started… I am a lot more confident lately, and now I feel accomplished. I even talk more at school.’’

Healthy eating is encouraged on the Live It programme too, something which Toby has really taken an interest in; ‘I really want to keep eating healthier… substituting different foods for healthier options.’ His mum has also noticed his taste for nutritional foods saying, ‘’His knowledge of food has improved. Heading to secondary school means he is more independent and makes more life choices. He’s got an independence that he didn’t have before.’’

After completing the Live It programme, Toby will now be encouraged to continue his fitness and healthier lifestyle choices. He hopes to continue playing his favourite Live It activity dodgeball, as well as attend swimming sessions at a venue in Derby.

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