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Y5/6 Primary Rounders Competition

Year Group: Y5/6 Mixed gender

Number of Students: 9 Players on Field (Max 15 per school)

This is an ACHIEVE competition, meaning it is a competitive opportunity to support pupils to reach their potential.

Rounders games are played between two teams. Each team has a maximum of 15 players and a minimum of 6 players. No more than 9 players may be on the field at any one time.

One team bat while the other team fields and bowls.

Please see below for info to playing the game and rules:

- A squad should consist of a maximum of 15 players. A team should consist of nine players and up to six substitutes (A squad of 12 is recommended).

- Teams can bat for one or two innings each. Each inning would be either time limited (e.g. 7 mins.) or until all the batters are out.

- One team bat while the other team fields and bowls.

- The bowler bowls the ball underarm to the batter who hits the ball anywhere on the rounders pitch. The batter then runs around the outside of as many posts as possible before the fielders return the ball to touch the post the batter is heading for.

- If the batter hits the ball backwards then they must wait at first post until the ball returns to the forward area.

- If the batter reaches the second or third post in one hit, the batting team scores half a rounder. If the batter reaches fourth post in one hit, the batting team scores a rounder.

- A batter can wait at first, second or third post when it is not safe to run.

- A batter is out if the fielding team catch the ball hit by the batter before it touches the ground or by touching the post the batter is heading to with the ball before the batter reaches it.

Additional Information

Further information about this rounders competition along with the complete rules and scorecards can be found at

Students need to wear trainers & PE kit

Please complete the booking form below to book your space.

For further information please contact Dani Gomez @ [email protected]


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