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St George's Park hosts Active Choices Celebrations

Active Choices and Walking Football

The 10-year anniversary celebration continued for our Active Choices programme. This time our participants were at St George’s Park for a day of football. The group which was made up of participants from our programme, Studio and Jericho House took part in a number of small, sided games.

Part of our programme also aims to help tackle the stigma around addiction and saw our Walking Footballers come along on the day. The two groups mixed and shared their love of football playing both on the same side and against each other during their games.

Adam Rowley, Health Team Leader said: “It was a fun day, getting so many of our participants and groups that we work with together, celebrating not only the 10 years of the programme but also our participants hard work and their sobriety.

“I am also very pleased to have brought our Walking Footballers along to help tackle the stigma around addiction. It was just two groups who shared a love of football coming together for a great day.

“I’m looking forward to the rest of the year and all the ways we can continue to celebrate ten years of the programme and all the work our participants put in.”

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