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Level 5 - Primary PE Specialism

Target Delegates: Teachers and Higher Level Teaching Assistants  

Course Cost: £1,300 

Course Duration: One year - Starting September 2022 

Tutored Sessions: 1 day per half term, Proposed dates below;

Day 1 - 23/09/2022

Day 2 - 18/11/2022

Day 3 - 3/2/2023

Day 4 - 17/03/2023

Day 5 - 21/04/2023

Day 6 - 14/07/2023

Venue: Derby County Community Trust, 14 Pride Point Drive, Derby DE24 8BX 

Developed by the Association for PE and Sports Leaders UK, this qualification aims to up skill primary school teachers and higher level teaching assistants through a recognised qualification to improve the overall delivery of the physical education curriculum within primary schools. The training includes tutored hours and independent learning hours.

The following units are covered as part of the Level 5 course:

1. Understanding Primary School PE

2. Principles of pedagogy in primary school physical education 

3. Planning for continuity and progression in primary school physical education 

4. Using assessment to impact on learning and progress in primary school physical education 

5. Teaching primary school physical education 

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Schools - Level 5 course

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