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John's story

John at a DCCT session

Meet John...

John was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May 2022, and completed a series of hospital-based treatments in December the same year. 

That's when he became aware of our health team and the Active Recovery service. With determination, John set goals very early on:

  • Deal with the personal impact of a cancer diagnosis.
  • Manage the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Change the way he earns a living

Primarily through the holistic therapy received from Denise at the Trust, he achieved these goals and more.  In fact, his whole approach to work and how he earned money had transformed.  John said 'Denise helped me to re-clarify my core identity, which led to a new freelance contract within weeks of the final treatment session'.

Holistic treatment addresses the whole person, not only his physical but also mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. This. may include massage, acupuncture, herbal medicine, reflexology, yoga and meditation.

John remembers many of sessions with Denise, including the very first one. He said ''At the first session, Denise established a foundation of trust and respect, enhanced by the wonderful location of an executive box in Derby County’s football stadium''. 

A normally quiet individual, John found it very easy to talk to Denise. John requested reflexology and experienced the benefits of the treatment almost immediately. By the end, John felt calm and revitalised.

John went on to say 'The second session was extraordinary.  It occurred on the same day that I had heard the news that my cancer had stabilised.  I've read about chakras and meridians, but this was the first time that I experienced them in and through my body. 

It was clear these sessions were starting to impact John physically and mentally. He always showed appreciation and admiration for the work the Trust do within the Health team. 

''Looking back, I can now see that the therapy operated at three levels.  At the first level, my body felt better, more relaxed and revitalised.  At the second level, my ability to tune into the subtle energies within my body proved to be a confidence booster.  And the third level was the conversations with Denise before, during and after the treatment, which helped me to digest and integrate the learnings.''

Now the future is looking clearer for John. With more belief and confidence across all aspects of life, he is now blogging and writing online - drawing from his own experiences with the Trust and his new-found passion in spirituality.  

 John would recommend this programme to anyone else in a similar situation and ended by saying ''I have no hesitation in recommending Denise to anyone who would like to restore balance within their mind and body, whilst setting the scene for a better life. I would like to express my gratitude for an amazing, surprising and grounding experience that has made a real difference to my life.''


''I would like to express my gratitude for an amazing, surprising and grounding experience that has made a real difference to my life''


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