Wednesday 13th December saw our first season of MAN v FAT finish with a huge final weight loss total.

MAN v FAT Football is a revolutionary football concept where men who want to lose weight are put into leagues and supported with their weight loss. The final league positions doesn’t just depend on the goals scored but on the pounds lost.

Taking place every Wednesday at Springwood Leisure Centre, we have worked with 66 men over the past 14 weeks to help support their weight loss.

Across that time the league as a whole lost 461.6kg which equates to 72.6 stone or 1017.6 pound.

Out of the six teams, Malteser Falcons lost the most with an incredible 115.8kg which equates to 18.2 stone/255.2 pound. One player lost an amazing 26kg (four stone!).

The picture above is the league’s winning team ‘Tea & Busquets’, they won ten games, drew one and only twice. They did well on the scales loosing 90kg but also were very effective on the pitch too.

Key stats:

  • 4 players lost over 20kg
  • 12 players lost over 10kg
  • 15 players lost 10% of their body weight
  • 36 players lost 5% of their body weight

Season two registration on Wednesday 3rd January and league starts Wednesday 8th January. Email [email protected] for more details.

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